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Another huge benefit to purchasing from Lifecore in general is that they are known for great customer service and they promptly stand behind their warranties. In this article, we'll cover the advantages and disadvantages of this popular fitness product.) One other complaint from some users is that the console is a bit complicated to understand when you first start using the machine. This does not interfere with the workout and is something that most users will get accustomed to after using the machine a couple times. LC-985VG Disadvantages There aren't too many negatives to this product, but the lack of warranty coverage on the frame has to be mentioned. On this product, the warranty includes 5 years on all parts and 1 year on labor. The console is equipped with 4 heart rate programs that work with those grips as well as 12 other preprogrammed workout options and space for 4 custom workouts to be programmed in. Using the Lifecore LC-985VG This machine is extremely smooth and quiet, thanks to the use of bearings in all moving parts rather than the standard bushings used in most other brands around this price range. This is a result of the more advanced technology, which most users are not used to interacting with. Besides the moving handlebars that enrich every workout, there are also two stabilized handlebars with built-in heart rate sensor grips. For anyone looking to put in moderate to high intensity workouts in their home, the Lifecore elliptical trainer is a preferable machine over lower cost models that don't stand up to more vigorous workouts. Consumers who leave reviews for this elliptical find it extremely quiet and smooth to operate and appreciate that the foot pedals can be adjusted to their height requirements.The Lifecore LC-985VG elliptical trainer is one of the top home exercise equipment products on the market today. Retailing for around $1,000, it offers a durable frame that withstands moderate to heavy exercise and high-tech features designed to improve your workout. (As mentioned above, the warranty covers only the parts. This was a reflection of the extra durable construction and nice variety of features. It is also a great option for those who want a high quality machine that will fit nicely into their home and continue to perform well for many years. It may also reflect the compact design that is very easy to fit into the home and even move from one room to another. Lifecore LC 985VG Advantages One thing that's good to know is that in 2009, this cross-trainer was voted by a top consumer magazine to be the "best buy" elliptical Hosiery Machinery machine for home use. The advanced technology console displays time, date, and room temperature as well as the standard workout feedback metrics. . Even though it is designed to be compact, the foot petals are adjustable and still allow most users to ride at their full stride length comfortably. It is completely safe for users up to 300 pounds, which is a heavier weight limit than you will find on lower priced ellipticals.


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